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About the service

Web Enhancement and Security

Web Enhancement and Security is a service to maintain the peak performance of any application deployed on a Web Server. This service is delivered to make your Application work fast & smooth as well as stay secure at the same time.

What is covered under this service?

  • Page Loading Speed
  • SEO Check
  • Web Application/Website Safety & Security
  • Server configuration vis-a-vis website
  • Server security
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Why it is important

To take the service?

The importance..

Web Applications are under constant threat as hackers constantly target them and try to find and exploit the vulnerabilities existing inside themOur job here is to create a defensive layer of "Security" to keep the Web Application safe..
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We aim to provide this service to each and every small/medium and big level of business, organization & service with our cost effective pricing packages.  

Basic Package

90% OFF

125 1,250
  • Page Loading [Mobile & Desktop]
  • Web App/Website safety & security
  • Server configuration
  • Server security
  • SEO Check
  • Online Support

Standard Package

25% OFF

15,000 20,000
  • Page Loading [Mobile & Desktop]
  • Web App/Website safety & security
  • Server configuration
  • Server Security
  • SEO Check
  • Online Support

Premium Package

30% OFF

35,000 50,000
  • Page Loading [Mobile & Desktop]
  • Web App/Website safety & security
  • Server configuration
  • Server Security
  • SEO Check
  • Online Support


On Average Web Applications are hacked everyday


Web Applications have medium-level vulnerabilities


Web Applications having Critical-level vulnerabilities


Web Applications that are vulnerabile to XSS Attacks
Message From Directors

To Our Customers

Any web application or website that you deploy on web server is accessible to world. It is a great thing however that also makes that application susceptible to hacking attempts, think of that application as your identity on the internet. Hence it is important to secure the application from any possible threat..
The methodology we follow

How we do it?

We follow a standardize procedure to enhance the overall performance and security of any existing Web Application. You can call these procedures as the “Four Pillars” of this service..

Detailed Planning

The planning stage is based on the basic level assessment which we carry out in the beginning. As it gives us a clear picture of how we can optimize and enhance the application.

Thorough Assessment

Thorough assessment will tell us what changes are needed to be done immediately and how we can improve the application.

Application Optimization

Application will be optimized because of this the application will function smoothly without breaking.

Protective Security

Security will be enhanced during optimization and the Application will remain safe from all possible threats.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

The primary and the basic requirement for Web Application Enhancement & Security is that you should have a Web Application or Website that you want to secure as well as improve its performance to perform well under heavy load and conditions.

The services will be delivered based on what "Package" you've chosen. For more assistance you can check the package above.

Server access will be needed for Standard Package & Premium Package for more in-depth analysis. We advise the client for creating a dummy account for specific period only. In other words all the analysis for server will be done under that dummy account and once the work is done client can remove that dummy account.

We need server access because sometimes just outer-examination is not enough to secure and improve the performance of web applications. Hence to make sure that our client gets full in-depth analysis, we require you to provide us the server access.

If you choose standard or premium package, we will need server access via dummy account. However there are few things the client must do before giving us the access. The access should be admin level but some provisions must be restricted at all cost.

  • Make sure the dummy account is active only during our working period, after that the client should close the account.
  • The dummy account should not be able to add/view/edit/update/delete other users.
  • The dummy account should not have access to server log files.
  • The dummy account should not have rights to install/change any configurations.

Yes our pricing plans are catered in such a way that everyone can afford.