top 10 cyber security myths

Top 10 Cyber Security myths putting businesses at risk in 2020

Top 10 Cyber Security myths – Many companies, bloggers and writers wrote something about this particular topic earlier than us. Many have made their contribution to this topic as a part of spreading awareness among the common people and business persons and executive.

However, despite enough contributions and articles written on this topic, we felt that, something was missing.

With that feeling in mind and heart we went back to the starting point to find that “particular thing” which was missing, and with that being said we’re sharing with you a completely new list of “Top 10 cyber security myths” that needs to be debunked at all cost, because these same myths are putting you at risk and also your business and work at risk.

The brand new list of Top 10 Cyber Security Myths

Before we begin let us inform you that, this list is not made for the purpose of scaring the readers, our motive behind this is to spread awareness and knowledge with that, the readers can take right decision at right time and protect themselves.

01. Cyber Security is not a once step process it is a life-time activity

Information technology is a field that updates each and every day, hence the security audit and penetration testing you did for your office network, servers, systems, software applications and your own digital products for example – Website, Web Application or Mobile Application. May not last longer because hackers are constantly looking for new ways to exploit digital systems hence companies from every industry must conduct security testing for their digital systems throughout the year and so on..

However, many think this as a one step process i.e once they apply for particular security service, they won’t apply for that service again unless and until they’re in utter need. This lazy mentality is one of the main reason why the digital systems have so many vulnerabilities even after they conduct security testing/audits.

02. Being fully security compliant means you’re secure

Security compliance is sold in a way that it makes people believe that once you have all the necessary compliance, you’re secure. However, the reality is very different from that, security compliance is necessary for any organization because that compliance is a verification stamp to confirm that the organization is safe for customers. Which is necessary to ease concerns regarding security, in the minds of customers.

However, just because you have made your company/organization security compliant doesn’t mean that you’re fully secure, that’s because, even after taking compliance, you have to constantly keep upgrading your security settings, configurations and overall systems. If you’re unable to do it, that means all the compliance that you’ve taken would become useless. Security compliance is way to verify that your organization is safe, but that verification will only stay effective if you take enough measures to keep your systems secure.

03. A Cyber security infrastructure and framework can last up-to a longer period of time

Cyber security infrastructure and framework is something that ensures safety and security of the organization, however many believe that this can last up-to a longer period of time i.e 1+ years or 2+ years. Well this may have been true during pre-covid-19 period, but now the entire scenario has changed.

In our article based on “Lessons from Covid-19” we mentioned that organization needs to rethink their entire cyber security infrastructure to match the new uncertainties, because the current infrastructure became useless as employees started to “Work from their homes” and to cover their needs organization had no choice but to create tunnels or channels that gives employees access to the “office network”.

This made, the network vulnerable to cyber attacks and even Microsoft and Google were busy securing themselves. With this it is proved that a cyber security infrastructure and its overall framework can’t work flexibly and it is pretty rigid. Hence this reason is enough to say that a cyber security infrastructure and framework can last up-to a long period of time only when its upgraded from time to time, and it is only possible when this infrastructure is constantly tested. If you don’t test it then you don’t know when to upgrade it and this ignorance opens up the vulnerabilities.

04. Web Applications, Mobile Applications & Website basic security is enough if there is no valuable data on them

We felt that this 4th point was essential to add in the list of Top 10 Cyber security myths because, Web Applications, Website and Mobile Applications their security is something which is always ignored. People think that if we secure networks and servers these application will become secured but that is partially true.

That’s because, if a hacker can’t exploit the servers or network, then he/she will exploit its code to find vulnerabilities and exploit these applications. However, here the irony is people knows that its possible to exploit a particular application using vulnerabilities in the code, but will still not work towards maintaining its security and upgrading its code because they think that “if the application is small and doesn’t have enough data on it then it is not worthy of exploiting it because nobody will hack a small application”.

But it is not true, in fact it is complete opposite, hackers are more interested in exploiting small applications because of mainly two reasons and those are:-

  1. Practice or as a part of Bug Bounty or even as fun.
  2. Because small applications are from small business hence even they are hacked they can’t take measures to trace them.

Because of this we can staunchly say that small application with less data are in a most dangerous situation. One more thing, hacking small applications with less data gives hackers even more confidence to conduct daring and big hacks, hence if we secure small applications right from the beginning it will not only help us to defend against hacking attempts but it will raise our own confidence to face the hackers as well as it will lower down their morale to conduct even more hacking attempts.

We have made comprehensive guide on web application security for beginners which you can use it to secure yourself.

05. Small business does not need Cyber Security infrastructure

One of the greatest myths that we need to address here is this one, and that is – Small business or startups does not need cyber security infrastructure. Just like we mentioned in our 4th point, here in this case too, people think that there is no need for strong and well planned cyber security infrastructure because small business and startups don’t have enough value that can attract hackers as well as they lack funding to craft proper cyber security infrastructure.

However, this particular type of thinking is completely wrong because as i said hackers gain confidence by hacking small applications as well as with this they gain enough confidence to disrupt the functioning of any small business. You might call this an unpractical theory or just imagination but trust us it is not like that, since the world is moving towards a digital age, Startups and Small businesses are compelled to take their business online to match the requirements of the modern world.

At that particular time, if their digital infrastructure is not planned from the “Cyber security” point, then in near future this can become fatal for that particular Startup or Small/Medium level business. Hence because of this, that particular unpractical theory becomes a plausible theory and at that point if you’re not ready then the situation can turn fatal for a startup or a small/medium organization. As a result small business and startups must plan their own cyber security infrastructure according to their needs.

06. Cyber Security is costly

Individuals, companies and all organizations who think cyber security is costly don’t think the downside, but you know loosing precious data is more costlier than using any cyber security service or dedicated cyber security solution. Of course we from our side can’t force others to apply for a particular service just because we provide cyber security solutions too, however, it is also not a wise decision to ignore cyber security just because of its cost.

So it is best to approach the organization and ask them for the services according to your needs, and once you determine that this service fits your needs, requirements and budget you can go ahead with it. With similar vision in mind we started this company so that all level of businesses especially small and medium ones can approach us to get cyber security services according to their needs.

07. Cyber Security threat is mostly from outside

Yes outside cyber threats are dangerous, but you know what is dangerous? its the inside threats, a corporate organization, startup or small/medium business has many internal problems and sometimes that internal problems can become a noose around the neck and can kill your organization from the inside.

Hence its very very important to fix the internal issues to avoid all sorts of threats especially a cyber security threat.

08. Cyber Security threats are technological threats

Cyber security threats are technological but people always tends to ignore the most dangerous and important type of cyber security threat and that threat is “Social threat”. It is a type of threat where attackers or their co-conspirators comes in contact with the victim to gather information from them and sometimes this information gives them the internal access of companies, just like it happened with Twitter.

Yes twitter was hacked and not technologically, it was in fact socially hacked, where hacker came into contact with twitter employees and got internal access of their admin dashboard. This only happens when employee is not educated or he/she is not aware and alert. Hence, in such scenarios its important for an organization whether its a startup/small/medium or big company to properly educate their employees so they can defend themselves from such threats.

09. Everything will be fine as long as it is Password Protected & antivirus is the best solution

One of the biggest myths that still prevails in personal life and individual life is – “If we keep our password strong, and have best antivirus, then everything will be fine”. Certainly having a strong password + good antivirus software is a good solution, however the situation is very different now, because hackers now able write scripts that are capable of cracking complex password, as well as bypass antivirus software.

Hence if you’re password is complex it can protect you up-to a certain point after that you have increase the level of security and for that at an individual level you can use 2 Factor authentication where after signing/login into any of your online service accounts you will receive OTP that you can use to login.

We’ve made detailed guide on 2 Factor Authentication which you can see it here – Protect yourself with 2FA.

But if you’re a corporate or any kind of organization then you have to rely on something more than passwords & 2 Factor authentication, not to mention your antivirus solution wouldn’t be that much effective.

10. Cyber Security is completely dependent on IT Department or Information Security Department 

The final thing that we want to address in this list of Top 10 Cyber Security Myths is – Many people think that cyber security management is dependent only on the IT Department or Information Security Department.

However, the truth is each and every person in any organization plays a major role in the field of Cyber Security. If you’re wondering how it is possible, then please refer to the “Point No 8” where we mentioned how social threats are becoming a major issue, where the information is extracted from the employee and that is used against the organization.

Hence because of this, Cyber security is an issue related to each and every person working in an organization and it is not completely dependent on one single department, individual or entity.

Wrapping up the list

The following is the complete list of Top 10 Cyber Security Myths, if there is any addition to this list then we will continue writing more articles on the same topic. One last thing that we wanted to mention that even though it is 2020 and we have faced many adversities, despite of that we still see “Cyber security” taken as granted and it is something which is considered as a “Last line of defense”, which is something that can become hazardous in near future if it is not taken care of properly.