We provide consultation on any Digital safety & fraud issue

We offer consultation on digital & online frauds. Our job is to make you aware and alert regarding all kinds of digital threats. Since the world has move forward with "Digitization", the frauds have risen and thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the number has doubled than usual.

With our own dedication & passion we have decided to make our organization as the world's first organization that work for digital safety and well being of the common people. Hence, as we're committed to keep you safe and secure online we offer you following things in our consultation.

  • If you're a victim of scam then we will guide you to approach the authorities (Bank & Police) in an appropriate way.
  • If you have your social media account hacked, then we will guide you to recover your account or get it closed.
  • If you have your email id hacked, then we can guide you to recover your hacked email id or get it closed.
  • If you're getting constant scam related calls, messages and offer then we will guide you to get you out of it.
  • We will also guide you secure your social media accounts, email id, phone and computer so that you won't become the next victim.

Fill the form with necessary details and you will get a with a booked appointment (Date & Time), for online video consultation. Install Google Duo App from PlayStore on your phone, Thank you..!!


Payment with Terms & Conditions [Must Read]

Registration & consultation fee = Rs. 899/-

It includes:

  • One time registration fee = Rs. 299/-
  • 3 consultation session fee = Rs. 600/- (200 each)
  • Along with free consultation materials that includes videos, articles etc.

Terms & Conditions:

  • 3 Consultations must be done within 45 days of registration.
  • Refund will not be given if all 3 consultations are not consumed within 45 days of registration.
  • Consultation will include preliminary level guidance/information.

You can pay with your Paypal Accout or Credit card/Debit Card.