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Top 05 Working Tips to stay safe on Public WiFi Network

Everyone loves WiFi, in fact we people love it so much that it has became fourth necessity among the three necessities which includes “Food”, “Clothing, “Shelter”. Well jokes apart, because of this WiFi is available everywhere, i.e, inside shopping malls, restaurants and cafes etc. These public WiFi are used on daily basis. Recently, ITRC did

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Why HTTPS & SSL are not secured? Explained!!

If you have been in the IT & Computer industry for long enough, you will see many people advising website owners to use HTTPS as it will help keep website secured from certain attacks. However, this advice has let one beautiful myth spread across all the world believing that having HTTPS on your website means

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Big Data – How this tech is killing the privacy?

In the last article when we discussed on how you can protect yourself from “Scam phone calls“, in that we discussed how these scammers get their hands on your contact details. In that we mentioned how “Big data” technology is responsible for this, however, due to the context of the topic, i couldn’t dive myself

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How to protect yourself from scam phone call?

Scam phone call or just Scam calls are one of the most popular frauds out there, especially in India the numbers of Scam phone calls is rising day by day. I’ve been in these kind of incidents almost two or three times. So in this article we will discuss, why these kinds of frauds happen,

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