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How we developed two WordPress websites in a week?

WordPress websites is booming industry and our company is the one that deals with the WordPress ecosystem on regular basis. Developing wordpress websites and plugins for our customers was one of the key service which we were offering to our clients. And its  common thing that every once in a while a developer or a

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Optimize WordPress Database – The Ultimate Guide

How to Optimize WordPress Database – Lots of people search this query on google as WordPress covers up to 30% of internet’s websites, also many of our subscribers were asking to cover articles on WordPress hence, we decided its essential to start by providing something informative, and, its all about the database!!. Database is the

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Web Application Security – Comprehensive Beginners Guide

Web Application Security is one of the important aspects of development that every developer must consider while developing any kind of application. The reason behind this is, “Way of doing business” has been changed . Companies are now making use of various different applications for doing their business. Most of the Applications have been taken

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