About Us

Technology is not complete until it is securedwith this core belief our company Krytech Web Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was conceptualized. This has inspired us to constantly evolve and improve to provide best in class service.

We serve to secure the digital infrastructure to maintain the security and integrity of our esteemed clients & services.

We Employ Latest Research Technology

Our core focus is to maintain the “Cyber Safety” in this Digital Age.

With our “Unique framework” of Design, Develop, Secure & Update; we have developed a unique methodology to fix the loopholes in the web & mobile applications, cloud, servers & network.

It is a Turnkey solution to the client which supports them to achieve business goals. The systematic approach adopted during successful project execution has a satisfactory review from clients.

Our Goal

Our goal develop & maintain a safe & secured framework for all our clients & services in this Digital Age to help them grow the business.

Krytech Team

Why Choose Us

With 4+ Years of Market experience we know what major issues companies face when it comes to “Cyber Security” however more than that, we realize that “Time is Money” people want effective solutions but they also want that to be delivered in the quickest & easiest possible way.

And we are indeed capable of doing that with our “360 SVF”.

Our Companies

2021-2021 was tough year for everyone with pandemic we faced increased cyber attacks, however, it also made people realize the significance of internet and its worldwide outreach even more. This pandemic inspired people to pursue digital business and people actively started using social media, we realize that we to be the catalyst for the growth of those business hence we decided to start our own Digital Marketing Agency called Krytech Digital.

Leadership Duo

The brains behind company, having experience in their own respective fields related to Information technology industry, both are tech enthusiast with a dream of leaving a significant mark on the world.

Prathamesh Donde

Prathamesh Donde

Co-founder & Director

Kaustubh Shinde

Co-founder and Director
Web & Mobile App Developer | Pentester

Secure yourself One Step Ahead

Securing your digital infrastructure from all the sides is our motto! Take your organization’s security one step ahead of every one else.