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Proactively Mitigate Digital Threats

With the increase in Data breach and Cyber attacks around the world, it is important to realize the potential digital threats in order to neutralize them efficiently.

However, more than that we need experts that can effectively can manage the Cyber risks efficiently by analyzing the vulnerability levels by prioritizing them.

Our 360 Security Vigilance Framework is one of a kind security framework which lets you do that.

Its a hacker powered security framework which can be utilized to proactively analyze and manage Digital security risk belonging to Applications Server & Network.

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We have strong and credible technical stack that support our organization

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Check how 360 SVF managed to recover website infected by malicious scripts.

What is 360 SVF?

Learn about 360 Vigilance framework and how does it work to defend your digital world.

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If you want to understand more about how our 360 SVF works then you can book a 30-minute brief meeting call with our expert to know the benefits and how it can defend your organization!

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Why companies trust us?

OWASP Members

Members of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Since 2021

ISO 27001:2013

We're a ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company Since 2022

About us

Why People Trust Us

People trust us because we just don’t preach, we do what we preach and the results speak for itself.

Result Oriented

Our work is result oriented, as a client you will get prompt report on every steps we took to defend your organization!

Unmatched Experience

You just need to post your query or issue using 360 SVF and the rest is up to us! All you have to wait is for results.

Precise Result

Tired with the false positive delivered by the automated tools? Don't worry 360 SVF Combines automated tools with human intelligence to give you precise result.

Qualified Staff

Don't know what kind of cyber security issue is affecting your organization? Then our staff can guide you with right questions to figure out the exact problem.

Some good words by clients

See what our client say about our work. Their testimony can help you clear all your doubts.

“Krytech and we got connected through a common friend. We have taken their services for couple of our problems related with cyber security. We have noticed that they are young team of entrepreneurs and have good knowledge about cyber security. It’s not only about knowledge but they also know how to apply it well. I mean process part of investigating, asking right set of questions has been done extremely well. We have found their outcome of analysis being very helpful in resolving either on our own or some times under their consultation. We do have complete outsourcing till fixing the issues experience with them and it was great too. The availability and communication is very well managed by their team. We are now also engaged as ” Alliance Partner ” to help each other on respected areas of expertise. I wish Krytech team a huge success going ahead.”
Laxmikant Bhakre
Managing Director at Deven Infotech
"Talented young people with problem solving skills !"
sagar dixit digital marketing
Sagar dixit
Digital Marketing Consultant
"Best services and instant revert for any problem"
Saily Shihorkar
Saily shihorkar
HR at RoboCapital
"Consulted with Mr. Kaustubh & Mr. Prathamesh on few issues related to networking and their response was proactive ."
Abhishek Datkhile
Abhishek datkhile
Engineer at NetMagic

Secure yourself One Step Ahead

Securing your digital infrastructure from all the sides is our motto! Take your organization’s security one step ahead of every one else.